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Need money to be able to go to the DR

tlcdragonldy started this conversation

I had cancer when I was 23 and had a hysterectomy because of it.  I am 27 now and I have found another lump.  I just need $100-200 so I can go to the DR and get it checked out.  Please help me!

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I'm a cancer patient too and sorry to hear you had it so young. There is a website called and they choose a greedy and a needy person and give $100 but be careful there because I had a friend help and there is a voting system and most everyone is greedy from what i experienced but maybe they would help you. I lost my health insurance so I am in the same place as you and can't afford medical care and if I come across anything that might help you, I will stop back here and share the information. Good luck sweetie, I hope the lump is nothing to worry about. Diane

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My card can help with any prescriptions you may have!!!

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